About our project

Our team, Big Data, has the objective of showcasing a large, comprehensive set of data in an interesting and interactive way to explain environmental issues to young children. Data is something which is vastly thought about as mundane especially to children, but we want to show people that's not the case. We’re here to show its potential to be a fascinating look at an imperative topic.

We created this website as a tool for parents and teachers with kids in mind. We chose to include interactive elements such as games, quizzes, graphs, and fun facts so that kids will have fun while learning.

Our Creators

Akyra Kelley
Creative Designer I

Collin Smith
Creative Designer II

Brett Moran
Tech Specialist

Savannah Peat
Multimedia Specialist

Caitlyn Richtman
Website Director

Checkpoint One

Exploratory Research
Project Plan

Checkpoint Two

User Research
UX Map

Checkpoint Three

Visual Design Document

Checkpoint Four

Social Deliverables